It is great to see the end of daylight saving, at least for a while. The sun is now heading down at 6pm a much better time for a dusk shoot than the middle of summer where the sun hangs around till 9pm . Here is a external image shot at dusk of an impressive home in Dalkeith built by Polazzo Homes.

Another impressive Dalkeith home shot last week was form builder Webb & Brown-Neaves. We were lucky to get a beautiful yellow Lamborghini in the driveway for the shot. The camera was set up just inside the boundary fence with a 14-24mm lens set to 19mm. This is wider then I would normally shoot an external however I preferred this composition, by framing out the front fence I was able to get a clearer view of the car. The camera was sent up the tripod to full height over 2.5m exposure 4 sec st f11

Joel Barbitta
D-Max Photography